Saw Mueller Woodshop


The Saw Mueller (pronounced ‘Miller’) Woodshop is a small scale saw mill and general woodworking shop owned and operated by Dylan Mueller.

Operating on 26 acres, the shop is less than 30 minutes southeast of St. Louis, Missouri, in the small town of Belleville, IL.

After growing up in small IL towns, I graduated in 2008 with a mechanical engineering degree and worked in research, commissioning, and construction areas of the power generation and refining industries.

After taking up woodworking as a general hobby, I was soon inspired by youtube “Makers” such as Chop with Chris, Nick Zammeti, James Wright, Jay Bates, Nathan Elliott, and Matt Cremona. Woodworking and small scale milling quickly began filling my free time (after family and work).

In June of 2018, I resigned from my engineering/project management career and jumped head first into the creation of Saw Mueller Woodshop.

Thank you all for the support, interest, and inspiration. I wouldn’t be here without you!